General Skin & Dermatology Conditions

"In humans, nothing is deeper than skin." 1871 –1945 PAUL VALÉRY Poet

Everybody will have a skin problem or concerns on the subject of skin at some point in their lives. As a person’s exterior the skin is at one and the same time the interface for our perception of our surroundings and the link with our core inner being. It is both an organ and a means of communication. Visual and tactile stimuli are conveyed via the skin. Changes to the skin are frequently all too visible to others, and this can often cause great distress for the sufferer. However, not every skin change constitutes a skin disease.


Dr Rana’s Aesthetic Health Centre is giving people with skin diseases the best-possible treatment and helping people with skin problems or concerns about their skin.

The Dermatologist is treating the whole spectrum of skin disorders, e.g.

- Acne and Rosacea

- Actinic keratosis

- Hair and scalp disorders

- Eczema, Neurodermatitis and Allergies

- Psoriasis

- Fungal, bacterial and viral infections of the skin

- Nail disorders